I Have Failed More Times Than Most Try

Now I help people avoid the common mistakes, because sometimes you need to punch the gas, but sometimes you need to slam the breaks. Knowing when is always hard, but gets a little easier when someone has your back.


I think we should all be multi-national corporations. In fact, I think we all must in order to truly thrive in this new globalizing economy.

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I've Worked With Some Very Cool Startups

Always With A Focus On Customer Acquistion

FarmBox Fresh

Created indoor farming system. Created brand website, brand, & content. Created indoor farming facility. Saw...

AMO Worldwide

Ongoing coaching on conversion funnel.

Sage Vertical Gardens

Ran extensive market validation testing. Created Facebook ads. Created Google ads. Created landing pages.a Created...


Created Google ads. Created landing pages. Repositioned search engine as a “SaaS.” Saw 5x increase...

3 Things To Always Remember

As long as you can self-correct, you will be fine; but if you can do it fast, you will fly.

Self Iteration

Every business problem stems from a personal problem, as “people do business with people,” is an axiom of life. Thus, if you cannot improve yourself,

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Action First

Plans are formed in real time, through the lived experience. If you want to do something, you will have to start in order to learn

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Know Thyself

Auditing what you suck at is critical to success of any kind. Not only does it make your life better because you can avoid those

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